BCOM 405 Week 2 Learning Team Blog Scenario Paper

BCOM 405 Week 2 Learning Team Blog Scenario Paper,UOP Homework,UOP Course Guide,UOP Assignment

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BCOM 405 Week 2 Learning Team Blog Scenario Paper

Prepare a 1400-1,750-word paper in which you address the following: Scenario: A travel company, based in the UK, runs a Travel Blog Website. The blog generally has over 1,000 regular readers from around the world. Over the last two weeks, recent postings on the blog have included several negative comments about Baderman Island, a hotel resort located in the US. These comments have included accusations that the CEO has allowed illegal sewage dumping into the nearby Kelsey River. The CEO of Baderman Island has sent a letter threatening legal action against the travel company and blog website. The CEO claims that the comments posted on the blog are false and have adversely affected international and domestic business at the resort.

1.  Evaluate how the First Amendment affects business communication in this global environment.

2.  What options does Baderman Island have to pursue legal action?

3.  What impact does the location of the travel company have on the scenario?

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