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We are here to provide you the most comprehensive study material, course homework and tutorials that can help you obtain the desired grades. Our website database contains tutorials of UOP, Ashford and many more. This number is not the end it's just increasing with up-to-date solution with every passing day.

If there is any course/class tutorial that has not been added yet and you need it than just email us, We will add it immediately on your request.

 We have uploaded many new Courses of University UOP, Strayer and Ashord. 

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Homework Basket does not give refunds or allow returns on any Existing, New, or Custom Tutorials. Also, due to the nature of my checkout system, I cannot allow order cancellations of USED or NEW tutorials once the order has been sent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

After I purchase a study guide, do I own the copyright?

No. Homework Basket still owns the copyright. You may not distribute or sell any material for commercial or non-commercial purposes that you find on or purchase from Homework Basket without expressed written consent from Homework Basket.

How should I use my study guide after I purchase it?

Here at Homework Basket, we believe that one of the best ways to learn material outside of the classroom is by example. Your study guide should serve as a base to get you started on your assignment, give you more information about your topic, and give you an all-around better understanding of your assignment. You could rewrite the material in your own words or just pull from the main ideas presented in the study guide and formulate your own material entirely. You should not be turning in Felicity's study guide as your own work. Homework Basket does not condone cheating or academic dishonesty. We are here to help students learn the material and pass their classes honestly.

Is the material sold on Homework Basket 100% correct?

Felicity works very hard to ensure that Homework Basket only sells quality study guides. Unfortunately, Homework Basket does not guarantee that the information sold is 100% accurate. Sometimes the course curriculum may change or one teacher may be tougher than the others. If you find a mistake in your purchase, please email us so that Felicity can keep improving Homework Basket. Depending on the issue presented, Felicity may be able to work something out with you.